Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why a Road User Tax is Fabulous for the Economy

The National Infrastructure Financing Commission just released its report today (OK, I know that sounds boring, but it is an important report for transportation people, and for people who use transportation), recommending that we move from the gas tax to a "vehicle-miles-traveled" tax.

You could read the report, or read my vastly more entertaining and much much shorter post on this topic at the Huffington Post here.


late nite said...

Robin, I really appreciate you're advocacy for usage-based funding, car/ride-sharing, and mesh networks. Usage based tax give so much more flexibility and opportunity to motivate sustainable transportation use than our fuel-based system.

After reading the article on Huffington, it was disheartening to read the comments. Virtually all the comments are negative and ignorant. It looks like it could be a while till we reach a tipping point.

Accounting Outsourcing said...

I really need to appreciate for the advice you gave regarding usage-based and car/ride-sharing and much more. Usage-based tax is really flexible opportunity than the fuel-based one...