Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Innovation in Transportation

Time magazine held a panel in Washington 10 days ago on which I participated, and then published highlights in this week's Time magazine.

Here is the print version on innovation.
Here is the almost the same thing, but the edited video (along with Amory Lovins and Dan Barber)

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Laura MarĂ­a said...

Hi Robin, I am an MBA student attending to the MIT Startup Boot Camp tomorrow. I am an Entrepreneur myself, Mexican, pursing my MBA here in Boston. I was wondering if I could get an interview from you. This interview is for my Entrepreneurship class, but more than that, I have chosen you because I really admire what you have done and are still doing, I personally think it is inspiring and would love to use the opportunity of this class project to understand more closely the challenges a woman entrepreneur has to confront. I totally understand if your agenda is very busy. We can do the interview tomorrow after your speech or at any other time and place that accommodates with your schedule. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this. I am sorry for using this as a way of communication but I didn't have much choice. Thank you so mucho. Sincerly, Laura Elizondo (617 449 8101)